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Our healthy lifestyle range harnesses the power of the
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Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum

Colostrum - Building your Immune the Natural Way. Harness the power of colostrum,  to support a strong immune system


Health and Beauty with the power of alpha lipid colostrum healthy lifestyle

Rescue your skin, restore a younger and healthier complexion. Combining innovative technology with the best of nature.


Healthy Lifestyle and the power of alpha lipid colostrum for the family

A nutritious diet, rich in nutrients and key vitamins and minerals, is essential to a healthy and happy lifestyle


Colostrum helping support our weight management program

Combining vitamins, minerals and protein shakes, our low carb programme is more than just a diet!


  • Alpha Lipid Colostrum for improving gut health

    Defence with Alpha Lipid Colostrum

    Colostrum's natural antibodies help build immunity through gut health.

  • Energy with the power of alpha lipid colostrum

    Energy with Colostrum

    Probiotics and proteins aid digestion, helping you feel more energised and balanced.

  • staying focused with alpha lipid colostrum

    Keep Focused with Colostrum Supplements

    When you have the right balance of nutrients and a healthy digestive system to absorb them, your body and mind are naturally healthier and more focused.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum Powdered Drink 450gr

Alpha Lipid Lifeline

is a perfect breakfast drink for your family over the age of five, combining colostrum and probiotics for powerful immune and digestive support to help you feel balanced, healthy and strong. With over 1 billion probiotics, 1000mg of calcium, vitamins and minerals we can add this to our favourite morning smoothie (over five, due to the added vitamins and minerals). Calcium is essential for growing bones.
Probiotics encourage a healthy digestive system by supporting normal gut flora.